I Make Cool Things!

Creator of the Retro Artcade Handheld , RKDR SOLO and other neat stuff, My name is David Johnson and I make lots of things. I enjoy design, engineering and bringing ideas to life using modern digital tools and ingenuity. 

My goal is to entertain, educate and inspire. Come along, I'll share my process and some cool projects that simplify complex topics and hopefully inspire your creativity.


...to the Weekly Vlog or Q&A Video series over on the DIY Engineering YouTube Channel for fresh content.

I make things like...

  • Smart Devices - Internet Of Things - things

  • Racing Drones - 80+ MPH Quad copters

  • Photography Tools - Motion Control Systems

  • Home Automation - Simplify your life

  • Internet - integrating with the world!

  • Electronic Circuits - Custom handheld devices

  • Airbrushing and Illustration - Making things art

  • Anything fun or Cool!

I cover topics like...

  • Product Development - DIY products, Start-to-finish

  • Ideas - Refining concepts

  • Mechanical - Turning ideas into real parts

  • Electronics - Adding circuits to the project

  • Software - Making things smart.

  • Fabrication - Making the parts and components

  • 3D Printing - Strong plastic parts using FDM printers

  • CNC Milling - Create Circuit boards and Metal parts.