RKDR II: DIY Digital Design Files

if you’re up for the challenge, all of the digital design files (and a few of the difficult to make parts) necessary to build your own RKDR Solo II are available for purchase in the Diy.Engineering Store !

In addition, several of the critical parts, like the four layer circuit board and aluminum buttons are also available for purchase.

Ready to up your DIY Game? I’m here to help you out through the process!

RKDR II: Uploading Roms

in order to use your RKDR II handheld you will need to upload your favorite arcade roms to the device. in order to do this you will need to purchase a powered micro-usb to-usb adapter.

  1. micro-usb-hub with lan adapter

  2. plug the powered usb into the micro usb on the RKDR II device.

  3. optionally connect a network cable to the hub

  4. power on the RKDR II

  5. there are two ways that the adapter can be used to transfer roms to the device

    1. using a usb thumbdrive

      1. using a freshly formatted (fat) usb thumb drive

      2. connect the thumbdrive to your computer

      3. create an empty folder on the thumbdrive named “retropie”

      4. remove the thumbdrive from your computer

      5. insert the thumbdrive into the RKDR II hub

      6. allow the thumbdrive to be acknowledged and processed, this can take several minutes.

      7. when activity has completed, remove the thumbdrive from the RKDR II usb hub

      8. insert the thumbdrive into your pc and navigate to the retropie folder

      9. you should see that an emulator folder structure has been created under the retropie folder.

      10. upload desired roms to their respective emulator folders

      11. when finished, remove the thumbdrive from your PC

      12. next, insert the thumbdrive into the RKDR II usb hub.

      13. allow retropie to automatically transfer the rom files into retropie/emulation staion

      14. once activity has completed, remove the thumbdrive from the RKDR II usb hub

      15. using the buttons on the RKDR, navigate the menu system to see the newly installed ROMS.

    2. connecting directly to the RKDR II over LAN

      1. if your network supports DHCP, then by connecting a lan cable to the usb hub and restarting the RKDR II your device will obtain a local ip address.

      2. use your gateway to determine the ip address which has been assigned to your device.

      3. download Putty or WinSCP to connect directly to your RKDR II IP address.

      4. use the default user account of pi/raspberry to connect and upload rom files to the device.

if you have any further questions uploading roms to the RKDR II system, please feel free to contact me for any assistance!