RKDR (Arcader) Solo - DIY Enclosure ONLY Kit

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RKDR (Arcader) Solo - DIY Enclosure ONLY Kit


This kit includes ONLY the RKDR Enclosure parts! 

You are responsible for providing the electronic components to complete the gaming handheld!

This kit is an advanced level kit which will require basic knowledge of electronics and assembly skills as well as sourcing the required components.

***Please Allow 1 weeks for shipment***

Note: Cancellations are only available within 24 hrs of your order.

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I have designed the kit to be easy to build. To help with that, It includes an electronic component bill of materials which you will have to provide to complete the device. in addition, it includes a complete, step-by-step instruction sheet to guide you through the process. As well, includes an online video that demonstrates by example, performing each step along the way. 

Included in the kit are the following "RKDR solo" parts:

  • One Laser Cut Arcylic face
  • One Laser Cut blackout marquee
  • One Laser Cut Black Acrylic rear cover with RKDR logo and air vents
  • One 3D printed Plastic RKDR Body
  • One Milled DPad button face
  • Four Milled Option button faces
  • Six Milled ABCXYZ Button Faces
  • Hardware to mount all components
  • One Electronic Component Bill Of Materials List

Assembly of the kit requires you to purchase the electronic components and takes anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on your skill level with basic wire soldering and simple model assembly.

You will need to purchase the following electrical components (Specific part #s will be available soon):

***Due to demand, please Allow 1-2 weeks for shipment***