Here's Why...

Technical projects are expensive. As you can imagine, a lot goes into these projects including supplies, tools, video equipment and editing which results in a bunch of overhead. Work, Family and responsibilities can limit what I am able to produce and share. If you like what I do and want to support me to do and share more on the channel there are several ways you can help.

Here's How...

Shop at DIY Engineering

When you purchase items from the DIY Engineering store all profit goes back into the channel, so it's a win-win you get something cool, and allow me to make more cool content!

Shop at Amazon

When you use our link to purchase anything from Amazon, I get a small credit for referring you. It doesn't cost you any more, but the credit adds up to support the channel.


Donate Any Amount

If you're appreciative for the channel content, you can make a donation of any amount to show that I am providing value to you and you want to encourage more content growth.

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Sign up to be a channel patron, make a one-time or recurring payment to support the channel as well as get early content releases, and contribute as a thought partner to the channel content.

...Even More ways!

Donate / Loan Tools

Have tools you would like to share? I am limited by my budget to purchase new tools. If you are able to Donate or loan tools for episodes it's a BIG help!

Share DIY Engineering

Share my social links with your friends! We have more fun making together!

Have a News Tip?

Technology news is something I'm always interested in, it contributes to content and sometimes new projects! Send any News tips over to me below. 

Ask a Question!

I love helping people out with their projects. Helping someone get past an obstacle or just advice on a subject. If I can help, I will! Submit questions below.

"I am very gracious person, If you choose to support the work, Thank you! I promise to do more to pay it forward through mentoring and great content while developing a place we can share and explore the science of making cool stuff."

-David of DIY Engineering